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Risk Control Consulting unit
  • Risk identification, analysis and assessment

    Defining which risk may be transferred and identifying the most efficient and effective tool is part of the risk analysis activity. We cannot guarantee the exactness of an insurance program without knowing the risk profile of the company organization.

  • Assistance in quantifying corporate property at risk

    The Risk Control Consulting unit can give its customers the suggestions needed to estimate corporate property's value and to identify which part of it is at risk. This criterion can provide a proper assessment of the amounts to be registered on the contracts.

  • Research on prevention and protection systems

    The loss prevention activity , focusing directly on the likelihood of occurrence and the seriousness of the impact of the loss, is one of the main tools facilitating the risk transfer to market.

  • Analysis of losses statistics

    An ex-post evaluation of events offers a complete overview of the losses, ordered by seriousness and frequency, resulting in a correct self-insurance strategy.