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Management Functions
  • Singling out the risk transfer policies

    The main task is to identify the operational attitude of the client in transferring its own risk onto the market. The main aspect of success in a plan of risk management is proportional to the ability to reflect the attitude of the company management of the client

  • Definition of the insurance plans

    The first stage of the risk management operation is the realization of the insurance scheme which in its guidelines has to show the management vision in the process of taking up company risk.

  • Risk placement on insurance markets

    For placing risk on the market, it’s necessary to recognize companies who are able to follow customer’s suggestions. The analysis and choice of the insurer must be done considering the contract’s text and economic conditions, the subscribers’ mind flexibility to understand the required derogations, their ability to make long-term relationships and the financial soundness of the insurance company.

  • Administration and accounting management of contracts

    Contracts’ management is an important part of the value offered to customers. Schinasi’s support ensures significant cost savings in the HR administration, relieving management of the low-value activities, thus enabling it to focus on the essential insurance strategy definition process.

  • Assistance and support in event of losses

    The management of claims is one of the main proofs of the ability of insurance brokers. To easily manage the liquidation process, you need a correct drawing up of contracts and the broker’s support to the survey departments of companies