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Company values
The company values have always been the reference system of the company management and at the basis of the relationships with customers and insurance companies. These perfectly express the values of the company promoting partners and they are shared by all the company's staff.

The care given to the customer and the attention to its needs are priorities for the Schinasi operators. The full availability for the customer is the main requirement which applies to every choice, either strategically or operational, related to the management of the insurance portfolio and of the company itself.

To the client and to oneself. Since the beginning professional ethics has been one of the founding values. The experts working for Schinasi have never come to a compromise for what concerns operations involving ethical and professional integrity. The relationship with clients is ruled by a fundamental honesty and correctness, which is also asked from the clients themselves.

Focus on the people
The spirit of the company comes from committed people. Thanks to them Schinasi has grown and developed for forty years and its future is in the hands of those who daily work with enthusiasm in the risk management of its clients